Assassin’s Creed : Movie Review

The Movie Poster
Movie Poster

Finally the movie which was most awaited by the gamers was released and yes it did met those expectations. Now many people practically who aren’t gamers might not know what this movie is and why there’s so much hype about it. Basically this movie is based on the series of game named by Assassin’s Creed. That game has a lot of parts and very big campaigns.


So it for sure is a very good film to watch. But the concept used was exactly same as it is in the games so gamers might not find anything new but wait for it, they have directed the film very nicely and it is a lot fun watching the movie than just playing it’s  game definitely not because of the resolution or frames per second ;).

Yes it does have an Absterga Foundation and yeah they also have used the concept of Animus but as they say movie is based on the game itself so it had to be in the movie. All of the scenes of the movie are very fascinating and it feels very good in watching all of it. And let me tell you that it includes very much of the part of history which also they showed very nicely with precise connection to the game.

Definitely they have used a lot of visual effects and those are damn straight and awesome. So I recommend you to watch it in 3D as they it has a lot scenes for that part to get all loaded. Many people might not find the movie bit of much fascinating but from the point of view of story it is much as same of the game and so it’s all about the scenes of the movie to watch.


We have Micheal Fassbender playing the role of Aguilar-an  Assassin. It surely looks like he is perfect for this role. He did a very good job on playing the role of an assassin and that too as the same way as it is in the game.

Micheal Fassbender
Micheal Fassbender as Aguilar on left.

We also have Marion Cotillard playing as Dr.Sophia who is a supporter and a doctor of Carl(Micheal) too. She is a scientist who plays a part in the development of the Animus. She has a sort of a importantly role in the movie as it’s her who allows Carl access to Animus and which makes Carl believe that he himself is a part of the Assassin’s Creed.

Marion Cotillard as Sophia helping Carl.

There are also many assassins other than Carl who just make the movie more interesting.

Main Characters

More About Assassin’s Creed

Probably still many of the people might not know about what the movie is. So for them it basically is a fight between like two gangs in which one is full of assassins known as The Assassin’s Creed and the other is known as Templars who want to win over the world. There is an Apple of Eden buried deep down in history which contains the genetic code for free will. Assassins’ Creed have the task of protecting that apple from Templars as if it gets in their hands than humanity may not survive.

The Leap of Faith

The Leap of Faith

This part of the gained a lot of fame. It is called as the Leap of faith as the assassin would jump with precision that he would survive of whatever there is down there. Micheal Fassbender did a pretty insane job on this one. It looked very fascinating and would give you feels when he jumps if you are watching it in 3D as recommended before. Definitely there are a lot of fight scenes too of which one could not get over easily. This ain’t some hollywood or Bollywood style fighting this one has all of the different moves and very unique in their own way and even the weapons were pretty sick. Weapon styling of an assassin is the bes one that I consider till now.


Yeah I think you’re still confuse if you want to watch this or not, right ? Let me help you 🙂 So if you’re a gamer and have not played this game then you definitely should go for this and if you’ve played this game already then there’s no confusion as I think your experience already going to watch it. Comes the point of those who don’t have any idea about it well I feel you love fighting and visual effects then you must watch it in 3D as there will not be much fun for you in 2D. It’s like you wouldn’t be going from much loss I feel don’t watch it at all. And for those who just don’t have the slightest of idea of what Assassin’s Creed is I recommend to go surely go as you would be pretty much surprised of the skill she they processed in the movie. But definitely if you have some New Year Plans the go have fun with them you might get more fun in that party rather than in this one. So accordingtome I would give this movie 3.5/5 Score.




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Assassin’s Creed : Movie Review

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