Cars 3 : Movie Trailer Release

Our most favourite animated racing movie has just released the extended look of Cars 3 Trailer on 9th Jan 2017. Many of you must have watched it already and if not well surely you can watch from the above given link. Lightning McQueen-The star of the movie series “Cars” is releasing its latest adventure of life in Cars 3. Ofcourse Disney Pixar Designed it which infact is considered to be the one of the best institutions in releasing animated movies.

Lightning McQueen

The above video gives us a slight idea of what McQueen is made of. This sort video which gives us an introduction to the characters of the movie were not designed in the early versions of the movie and are only designed for this one. McQueen is a hardcore racer who likes to win and also can goo through almost anything to learn all kinds of stuff to beat anyone. He does have an attitude but wait won’t a world famous racer show a little of attitude. He also is designed to look sexy on the outer side and at the same time having great performance from the inside.

Jackson Storm

Jackson Storm as can be seen from the above introductory video is also an over-attitude type racer like McQueen. But he is considered as a car having some advanced technology as they say from the trailer. He wasn’t in the earlier parts of the movie if you haven’t watched those and is introduces as a villian in this one. McQueen always has someone to beat in both of the earlier parts and people were very excited to see who crushed McQueen after Pixar released the Teaser Trailer of Cars 3. It officially is Jackson Storm peeps. Technically he(Jackson) isn’t the one that crashes McQueen because as we saw from the trailer McQueen’s tire got burst or slippped and then he crashed into the wall making him flip and have a big crash.


After the crash that we saw in the trailer it can be well considered that McQueen was hurt very badly and was not able to race anymore as the we hear “You’ll Never Be The Racer You Once Were. Accept It”. But as described McQueen earlier as an attitude person he never quits and says “I Decide When Am Done”. Now over the disappearance of McQueen the new Racer Jackson Storm takes his place on being the top of the racers. McQueen seeing that Jackson having all new technology stuff and being very fast decides to beat him. So he goes to some sort of village to get trained and heal and become the fastest racer again.

Most of the people who have Watched the previous version of this movie knows that both movies had McQueen ending up in some non-city type area. Here by non-city I mean places that cannot be considered as a populated city. But it cannot be said confirmed that McQueen ended up in a village in this one too but it can guessed as we saw McQueen Truck travelling on the highway and going somewhere and then instantly we were given a look on the place were no one but one other car and McQueen were present. An old race track was also shown but it was a dirt race track and not like the professionals have. So based on the trailer and the previous versions of the movie it can be assumed that he goes to someone well experienced and definitely someone new to get healed and have his lightning speed back.

A Race track that was shown in the trailer being rather a dangerous one had all fire and tires stuff placed everywhere so it can be assumed that it was not in the city. But the track looked pretty sick in a manner of being how awesome it was. To go for animation, its Pixar ofcourse it is going to be the best one and due to the speed of the racer and effects already shown in the trailer it is pretty clear that its going to be an amazing movie experience in 3D. But wait you should not decide to watch it already as anything can happen. You should not decide from the trailer itself. So what to do ? Well stay tuned with us as we will be posting the movie review of Cars 3 too.

The movie release is dated to June 16, 2017 that is summer of 2017 but it can change anytime so stay tuned and posted.

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Cars 3 : Movie Trailer Release

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