Kaabil (2017) : Movie Review


Kaabil directed by Sanjay Gupta and produced by Rakesh Roshan was released on 25th January, 2017. A complete new concept is introduced in Bollywood by having the actor and actress playing the role of being blind. This is quite new and pretty interesting concept and people are also very excited to watch this movie after seeing the trailer.

The Plot

Movie begins with Hrithik Roshan being a blind person named Rohan. Now, thereafter he meets Yami Gautam playing the role of other blind girl named Supriya with whom he falls in love. To be noted, I will only be sharing the plot that was very easy to guess from seeing the trailer. Now to continue, Yami gets in some trouble and also is very seriously injured due to some reasons which makes Rohan very angry. Rohan then decides to take revenge with those people who did those terrible thing to Supriya despite of being blind. And it then continues to be a movie which seeks justice and revenge.

Movie Review

Definitely many people are excited to watch this movie because of the character’s condition. Rohan (Hrithik) and Supriya (Yami) both are blind and are dating each other. The movie is nicely directed and produced too. Hrithik did a fantastic job on playing the role of a blind person. Even watching him playing that role feels very much real. People should appreciate Hrithik cause as far as I know playing the role of a blind person is very difficult. Yami on the other side also supports Hrithik and she despite being not that famous as Hrithik did a very fabulous job on her role. In short both of the actors played the role very nicely and elegantly.

Movie is very simple and elegant. There’s no such thing as drama and everything except the skill set that Rohan has seems to be realistic. The movie is not that much predictable as it seemed from the trailer. The movie just gets better with seeing all those small things that we normal people do and also satisfying. You don’t have to think much about what is happening around the movie, everything is eventually explained is also very easy to understand. It also is very entertaining to watch with the first part that is the part before the interval being much fun and the part after interval being very serious.

There are a lot scenes where Rohan feels very lonely and all of his emotions are clearly seen. This describes how good Hrithik is at acting. Rohan did had support from his friends that also played the appropriate role nicely. Everything about the movie is just simple, am seriously out of words. But the main thing that to be noted was that both of the characters were blind and that limits the plot of the story to a very minimum but at the same time increase the excitement in people about the to the same level of extent.

Kaabil and Daredevil

One thing that I would like to clear about this movie is that many people that this movie will be something like Daredevil from Marvel. Well, there’s no Comparison between Kaabil and Daredevil except both being blind. Daredevil is complete different person with extended functionalities of his senses. Rohan is just a normal Human who is blind and has very good hearing and some other more skills which I would not like to disclose here at the moment. But the concept of Kaabil and Daredevil is quite the same were the blind acts like just a normal person who is not blind.

Yami Gautam


Yami Gautam is playing the role of a blind girl named Supriya. She did a very much good and accepting acting of a blind girl. She is the one who completes the movie and makes it more interesting. I didn’t expected Yami playing that role this nicely. She was just tremendous. So definitely it is worth watching this both actors in action in this movie.

On the other point the movie also has many songs but all songs except that item song can be considered as a part of the story. There is this one particular song in which Hrithik and Yami dances to the beat despite being blind and that song is executed just perfectly. So there’s not much bothering of having a typical Bollywood song style and it being the same old romantic type with some different choreography.


Movie is a typical love story but as the characters are blind it becomes very different than other love stories. There is some action too but not that sort in which people just beat each other to death. In this movie Rohan fights with the skills that he has and even removes himself from being a suspect. Everything or executed by Rohan is quite tricky and is very logical to do too. Somethings are practically not possible but that is acceptable. Direction is also very good. But the movie completes in a very minimum location that is, not much of the scenery of the world or country were shown which makes the mood romantic and very beautiful. Except that the movie is very good and for surely a one time watch. It also is full of entertainment. So just go for it and have fun watching the phenomenal acting skills of Hrithik and Yami.



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Kaabil (2017) : Movie Review

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