Kangana, Saif and Shahid in Rangoon (2017) : Movie Review

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A mix combination of action and romance brought to you by Vishal Bhardwaj with Kangana Ranaut playing the lead role and also being a spice in the life of Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. The movie was released on 24th of February.

The Content

Little screens of some scenes in the movie.

Now, if you have seen the trailer of the movie then you probably have an idea that movie is based on the war which happened in an early period of our independence. It includes the time during which Gandhiji Announced to fight non-violently and at the same time Shubhash Chandra Bose supporting violent act. Basically, Saif Ali Khan is a director or let’s say much of a producer inside the movie that is he is playing that part as his role. Shahid Kapoor on the other side is a fighter of the war. Kangana Ranaut playing the role of an actress who gains the fame by playing the role of a hero in the movie which was made inside this movie (I hope you get this !).

This movie also includes some British people playing a major role in the movie. But to be honest Kangana Ranaut solely is the star in the movie and alone is able to entertain us throughout the movie. Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor are the two people who fall in love with Kangana and that too during the period of war. We were shown Saif with Kangana in the beginning part of the film and later we see Shahid.


Many people were or are having very high expectations from this movie but let me tell you the truth that it doesn’t meet the E of our expectations. Sorry for that but really it isn’t much. Now, to talk about the story yes for sure it is a good one and a nice concept too but only if viewed from an angle of Bollywood which we have seen a lot and obviously want something more than that. It has a very simple and basic story in which 2 guys fall in love with the same girl and the girl chooses the guy which fell in love with her later but the guy who loved her first still loves her anyway and end up being lonely and fierce.

shahis and kangana
Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut

Oh, you might be angry with me as I just revealed the plot of the movie but hey it doesn’t matter at all as the movie is completely predictable. You’ll know what I am talking about once you start watching the film. Now, some might actually like the film but that should entirely be because of acting of the star cast used and for sure Kangana as she did a splendid job on her side of the role. Some might say that movie is a little funny too but wait for real? All of the comedy dialogues used in the movie are childish. Like way too childish as that if even if a child watches he too wouldn’t understand what that person meant.

Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan in Rangoon

I personally didn’t like any comedy scenes in the movie, not a single one. They actually make you go Seriously? Are you going to do that to us? Now, I don’t know that people in the past would be acting in such a way but still, they have included such stuff then they might have given it some thought. Am not saying the movie is completely rubbish. Some part of the movie is very good like the scenery they have shown and the fights which they have recreated from our history are also very good. Overall to know this is an Average Bollywood movie in which all the things like Videography, Stunts, etc. are all Average. Nothing new to see and also nothing new to get amused by.

The Songs

Seriously? Have you even listened to any single song from this movie? All of the songs from the movie are a mix of god knows what language and Hindi, duh? Well Definitely our star Kangana here has her signature word “Bloody Hell” and no one has any idea why but it is what it is. Now, these people even made a song out if it named Bloody Hell which surely is a mix of some English and a lot Hindi. No doubt that song has a very nice video but the song as a whole is very funny to listen to. Personally, I laughed in every song of this movie definitely except our National Song. No offense to any artists involved. I really appreciate the efforts that they have put in developing such songs but still not up to the point I guess.

Kangana in bloody hell
Kangana Ranaut in Bloody Hell

There are many different songs too, just search them on youtube once and you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Even the choreography seemed funny to me and then I believed that it might be possible that in early period people might like this type of songs people might be acting as this stuff and also people might be dancing like that. But then, it’s a lot of might right? Well, we will have to assume a lot of stuff in the movie which I won’t be revealing currently but you would know when you watch the movie for yourself.


Read All? Well, let’s conclude the review then. First of all, as I said is an Average movie. Nothing new to see and nothing too amazing to miss. Yes, the story is a little bit of nice and new but the comedy sucks and songs suck a lot. Really, I hated most part of the movie because of its song. Also, that role was given to Kangana of being beautiful and hot but at the same time being very much stupid. Now, Shahid Kapoor also did a very nice role but that role was given for a very limited amount of time and same goes for Saif Ali Khan. Kangana alone is able to handle the movie in a great way. I would recommend you to watch this movie only if you have a lot of time to spend in your life watching movies and also if you wanna have a good time making fun of the characters in the movie in a crowded theater. Else there’s nothing to see. It is a very Basic and fully predictable kind of movie. Have a nice weekend.

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Kangana, Saif and Shahid in Rangoon (2017) : Movie Review

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