Logan (2017) : Movie Review Starring Hugh Jackman

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Finally, the badass looking film Logan was released on 3rd, March 2017. It’s considered as the last of the series of Wolverine for Hugh Jackman. We might see a new Wolverine in the movie if further released. But for now, you might wanna know how this one is, right? So let’s got on with it.


The movie itself as everyone must know is based on Wolverine. But we get to see a new female Wolverine who is just a little girl in the movie. Let us talk about the movie first. It basically starts with Logan getting beat up by some local Mexicans but later we see that he gets angry at them and goes in full mode becoming the Wolverine and kills those people messing with him. Then we are shown that he is a chauffeur and drives around for people at different places. During his job, he gets interrupted by a woman and that is where we get the first look at that pretty little girl.

Logan in a fight

Now, basically we would go on with the story like this but I don’t think you are here for the story so let’s just get this movie reviewed. So, the movie is a very fine piece of art. It is not at all predictable. You surely would want to know what will be happening at the end of the movie. The story that they have presented is much fascinating. Looking from the point of an average movie watcher person he or she might have seen something similar to this movie’s story but trust me the part where Logan and Laura both become Wolverine is totally different. Oh, Laura is that little girl who is a young mutant and is a Wolverine.

Dafne Keen plays Laura, Patrick Stewart is Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman is Logan/Wolverine in ‘Logan’ (Twentieth Century Fox).

Charles also known as Professor X is also a part of the movie. Charles basically is in the movie to give Logan some guidance which Logan surely ignores but eventually follows. Charles also becomes a good friend of Laura when Laura wasn’t much comfortable around Logan. Lara also took care of Charles for a moment in the movie. The seizure that Charles goes through and what it does to the surrounding is also executed perfectly. That seizure helps Logan in a way for one-time from escaping the enemy Donald Peirce. Donald on the other side is the villain of our movie with an enhanced metallic arm. The role of Donald Pierce is played by Boyd Holbrook. Getting back to Charles, he also a sense of humor in this movie which makes this role a bit funny and interesting too.

Visual effects that have been used in the movie are damn good. As it is a Wolverine movie we sure would like to watch a lot of blood flowing, wouldn’t we? So, yes that was the part which surprisingly looks very good and not disgusting. Many places we see people getting killed and we are at a place where we would be vomiting right after the movie. But in this one, all of the killings look very real and are also perfectly executed. I guess all magic is hidden inside that beautiful blades of Wolverine. All of the fight scenes are damn good and Logan did the best.


Logan is the role played by Hugh Jackman. Logan, also known as Weapon X would be taking a good care of Professor X that is Charles. Now Charles has gotten quite old and because of that, he has some sort of seizure sometimes which is way too harmful and even stops every human being around that certain radius. Logan helps him and brings his medication. They currently would be living in a place owned but abandoned by some company. Where we also would be meeting Caliban who also has a special gift of tracking mutants. Logan was also sick from the inside as he too was not shown normal.

Laura with Logan

His fighting skills reach a very high level. The way all of the stunts were executed is also too good. People would definitely love to watch those scenes. Expressions and acting performance by Hugh Jackman were also performed fantastically. The look of Wolverine suits to Hugh Jackman the best. Many people might not know but this movie the last movie of Wolverine for Hugh Jackman. But this doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be meeting any Wolverine from now. Marvel might get some new Wolverine out soon enough.

Laura Kinney

Laura Kinney is a part of the Wolverine Comic books and is also known as female Wolverine or X-23. The role of Laura is played by Dafne Keen who is just 12 years old. That little girl fight very well. We were shown that girl coming out of a building (not disclosing what building cause that would spoil the movie for you but you will know when you see it) with a little bag in her hand. She does a very dramatic entry from that building as she also holding something in her hands. During this scene, it is where they have shown us that she is a very cute little harmless girl. But later we realize that something which she was holding was nothing but a man’s head.

Laura in a fight

Dafne looks very cute in the movie. On the other side, she is a total badass too. She also has a very good set of fighting skills. And she is a Wolverine too in case you wouldn’t know that by now. The more surprising thing was that she can have her claws out from her toes too. It was shown that the claws from the toes come out only when Laura is in defense mode. Her role and acting were perfect in the movie. She can be considered as the star of this movie as the whole story revolves around her. She did a pretty good job on the fight scenes too. It looks pretty amazing and crazy seeing such little girl go on a killing spree. Just see for yourself once you would know what I’ve been talking about.

Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney

Laura is the daughter of Wolverine who was trained and tested in a facility named Transigen. At this facility, there are also some other mutant kids who also play a minor role in the end part of the movie. It is Logan’s responsibility to take Laura to a specific place in North Dakota where those mutant kids who also are friends with Laura are waiting for her. Laura doesn’t speak much at the beginning of the movie but later she starts talking which looks very much adorable because of her way of speaking. Most of the time she would be speaking Mexican in beginning but yeah she also speaks English. So overall Laura is damn badass female Wolverine and this role is perfectly played by Dafne Keen.


Big Marvel Fan? Well, you definitely ought to watch this movie. This movie is an action filled movie so people who can handle a lot of blood and killings would surely easily watch this movie. A lot of killings are shown in the movie and that too straight in the head a lot of times. The visual effects are also perfect. The acting skills of Dafne and Hugh in the movie is damn good. They have shown a very odd and interesting bond between Logan and Laura which looks very real to people watching. Laura is the star of this movie. She looks very cute but at the same time also goes on a killing spree and the scenes in which she fights are straight out of hell. All action scenes that is the fights that they have presented are awesome to watch. So, if you’re not a Marvel fan and you also don’t like action films then you probably wouldn’t miss much. But the rest of the people must watch this film. It shows a very kind and beautiful bond between a father and a daughter. Have fun fellas.

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Logan (2017) : Movie Review Starring Hugh Jackman

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