Logan (2017) Trailer 2 Release

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Extended Trailer of Logan was finally released on 19th January,2017. The movie is set to be release on March 3 as shown in the above linked trailer. The trailer is uploaded by official Fox Pictures.

The Little Girl

The most hot favourite topic of this movie is who is that little girl ? Now we weren’t shown much of the information about her in the first trailer but in this one we were shown what she is capable of.

Dafne Keen

Dafne Keen here is playing that role but her name or relation with logan was not yet disclosed. There are chances that she maybe X-23 a female wolverine named Laura Kinney of the comics.

Laura Kinney

Laura Kinney also known as X-23 is a female young wolverine in the comics. She first appeared in the comics in 2004 in the comic named NYX. From the fact of the comics it is considered that Logan himself has made Laura as his surrogate daughter. The movie part maybe different or same as comics that is she can be daughter of Logan or just another little girl with same powers as Logan.


The trailer begins with a little girl trying to rob a shop and beating the sh*t out of the cashier but at the moment of beating Logan enters the shop and stops her. Now she was shown beating only one person at that particular time but later we were shown that she has some superpowers. Now this superpowers are same as Logan’s. She also did beat at least a group of 7 members with guns and special training.

So, who doesn’t like to watch a little girl beating mature adults ? Almost No One. All the fighting scenes are directed well or at least shown in the trailer at a high priority rate. More blood flows when Logan and girl fights together. Probably the girl did not have a normal childhood which in turn mad her that and gave her those powers which she uses with much hatred, attitude and anger just like Logan.

Boyd Holbrook

It can be assumed that this movie will be focusing more on Laura ( Little Girl ) than Logan himself. Logan will be protecting the girl from Boyd Holbrook whose movie name is not yet disclosed. Boyd got pretty much famous after playing a role of detective in the series of Narcos which is based on the biggest Drug Seller of all time Pablo Escobar.

Boyd Holbrook

As it can be seen from the image above of Boyd it is a theory that he is going to be playing the role of Donald Pierce of comics who is a mutant hater and also noticing from the arm is a cyborg. This theory was placed because Boyd himself posted a photo on social media and captioning it with ” Pierce ” which must relate to Donald Pierce. In the trailer to it is shown that he wants the girl and involves special forces to capture her. Here it is when Logan comes into play and protects her with a little help of Charles. Charles is going to play a little role in the movie but will be appearing throughout with Logan as both were shown always together in the trailer.

Trailer Music

Music by Kaleo named Way Down We Go was used in the trailer which sounds very much appropriate in the trailer in the fight scenes and some scenes of the girl. The beat matches the trailer and the music just gets better. The above video contains the full version of the song.

We were also shown Logan having the set of original X-Men Comics and giving them to the Little Girl now that must be interesting after all this movie would be the first one to use comics books of the currently playing superhero. Stay Tuned for the complete review of the movie upon release and have fun.

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Logan (2017) Trailer 2 Release

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