Meri Pyaari Bindu : Movie Review

Meri Pyaari Bindu is a romantic comedy film directed by Akshay Roy. It was released on 12th, May 2017. Ayushmann Khurrana and Parineeti Chopra are in the lead roles of this movie. Surely it looks quite entertaining from the trailer but is the movie worth the watch? Well, let’s find that out.


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As I said before that this movie a romantic comedy film and it has a very unique and entertaining love story. Bindu here is a lead character in this film played by Parineeti Chopra. We have Abhimanyu Roy as a friend or more of a lover of Bindu played by Ayushmann Khurrana.

It starts off with Ayushmann narrating a story. So, from this, we can know that movie is definitely going to show us the story of Abhi in past while also showing some parts of the present. This style of presentation of a movie is used by many directors in Bollywood and many of them have achieved but only if the concept of the movie is good.  Here, definitely in a love story, a narration would suit as many of the dialogues were actually spoken by the narrator and that provides some nice feels.

The flow of the movie constantly changes from the past to present. We aren’t shown all of the characters of Abhi’s life in his present timeline but yes the main ones were fitted correctly.


There’s a lot of points to be covered for a review in this movie. First of all, let’s begin with the concept of the story. As it was shown in the trailer of the movie Abhi here the guy with the lead role finds a good old mixtape which he and Bindu have prepared together. This mixtape contains all the songs that relate to their life and are recorded on the tape. All 10 songs of Bindu’s and Abhi’s life events were captured on this tape. Being in the present Abhi found this tape and we aren’t shown Bindu around so it can easily be assumed that they are no longer together but Abhi still misses her.

Abhi and Bindu having some fun. Image Courtesy:

Abhi after finding this tape starts listening to it and lives all of his memory again which to the audience is shown as being in the past. The story is quite good but the concept could have been made a little more interesting. It always felt like something was missing in the movie. The movie is completely entertaining. We practically are shown to kids who never grow up and always do something funny when they meet. These kids were friends in the beginning and then never realized when they fell in love. Together they would do some weird and fun stuff which is funny but not that much that would jump out of your chair.

Child artists for Abhi and Bindu

Everything in the movie is limited to some extent. Youngsters would definitely find this movie entertaining and selected choice of adults to would love to watch this movie. The story doesn’t seem to make any sense as a whole. There are some questions you would be left with unanswered at the end of the movie which not satisfying at all. Overall it is a good movie to watch. You can definitely pass your time on a boring Sunday with a lot of heat outside in a theater watching this movie. The direction, of course, is pretty average not much of any beautiful scenes in the movie, just the concept is new.


Playful Bindu with Abhi

We will be seeing Abhimanyu Roy as the lead male played by Ayushmann Khurrana. This guy is a normal person whose neighbor is a very fun loving girl named Bindu. He becomes a writer when he grows up and he writes the story of his love life with Bindu while listening to those tapes. So during which we are shown the past of his life Abhi in the present would be writing the same story on paper using a typewriter which you will be able to recognize very easily.

Abhi and Bindu having fun

Bindu Shankarnarayanan is the lead female in this movie played by Parineeti Chopra. Parineeti has comeback to Bollywood onscreen after a very long time with her very good acting skills. She did a pretty well job playing the role of Bindu. Bindu here is a cheerful and merry girl. She never took a situation very seriously except one part which you surely will notice now if you decide to watch this movie. Abhi and Bindu are Best Friends and in no time this friendship gets converted into love. This love takes a very drastic turn and that too suddenly and that is what bring this story to life.

Parineeti Chopra

It is also surprising to know that Parineeti herself has sung the song “Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin” of the movie. You definitely will recognize her voice when she sings.


Well, this is a typical Bollywood movie with typical characters of the movie. I don’t know why but every love story that Bollywood tries looks same to me except the end, which they necessarily have to show different than the other movies. Other than the story you would be able to recognize the flow of the movie very similar and characters too as many of the Bollywood movies have already used that concept.

The end of this movie is completely different. The movie looks predictable in the beginning but as there are many twists in the movie your predictions will surely get wrong. It is like the writers of the movie wants the audience to think in a particular direction but then they would turn the movie’s flow to the opposite direction that we think. This is what makes it somewhat interesting to watch.

Pretty decent and entertaining to watch. The part before the interval is very much good and then it just goes on with different twists. I say that it is a typical Bollywood movie because the events that take place are completely unrelated to real life. Events such that happen very rarely in someone’s life and if you think it that way then everything would look stupid to you in the movie. So just think that you’re there to have fun with your friends and don’t think too much while watching it.


Have a happy weekend and thank you for your support. Do comment in the section below about how you think the movie is if you have already watched.


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Meri Pyaari Bindu : Movie Review

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