Power Rangers (2017) : Movie Review

Power Rangers : The Movie

Well, finally a movie based on Power Rangers is here. We all during our childhood have watched this series of Power Rangers. The kids of the current generation might not be having the same fun as we had but they for sure do get to see the movie on Power Rangers. Apparently, the movie is directed by Dean Israelite and produced by Lionsgate. It is known that this film was made with a budget of around 100 million USD. Let’s see how they have it.


Surely most of the people would be knowing about Power Rangers as they all must have seen at least once the series of Power Rangers as a kid. But most probably the kids of current generation might not be knowing much about The Power Rangers. Well, Power Rangers is a team of superheroes for starters. They protect the world from the harmful alien life or even superhumans. So basically they ar Superheroes. They have a sort of armor around their body which gives them more power and strength and also it works as a shield for them. There is a coin which gives them the original power to become a Ranger.

Power Rangers Banner

There is also a grid known as Morphin Grid which supplies power to those coins. The coins decide for themselves that which people in the current era are worth becoming The Power Rangers. The coin decides the people and gives them access to their superpower suits only when the Team that the coin selects gets along with each other. Now in this movie the Rangers of the history hid their coins deep inside the earth during their death and in the current period of time some kids accidently came across those coins. They didn’t know anything about the Power Rangers. But, the coins chose those kids as Power Rangers and eventually they were able to Morph themselves into their suits so they can beat the evil.

Rita Repulsa

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa is a fictional character from the series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She is also the main villian in this movie. Her strength lies in Gold (pretty imprsive right). A woman living on gold, well that is not new. But yeah she can build some soldiers made of rock and brought to life from earth. She needed a lot of gold to build a monster made fully of gold which she eventually does. And that monster is the one which follows Rita’s order and also gives strength to Rita.

Rita needs a hold on the crystal of life. Apparently, there is a crystal of life which gives the power of life on whichever planet it is on. Rita needed this crystal to rule over the world. In the movie the role of Rita Repulsa is played by Elizabeth Banks. She did a very good job on her side of the role even if most of the part were CGI but actors playing with CGI is tough I think. So yeah she was pretty good. Even her character is pretty cool though. Now for Rita she was previously a green ranger too but her greed for more power made her into Rita Repulsa.

The Rangers

Cast of Power Rangers

I suppose everyone might be knowing that there are in total 5 Morphin Rangers. All are of different colors. Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink are the 5 Rangers. Red Ranger is considered to be the leader of this team of Power Rangers. Here Yellow and Pink Rangers are the female ones while the rest of them are male. Dacre Montgomery is Jason the Red Ranger. Naomi Scott is Kimberly the Pink Ranger. RJ Cyler is Billy the Blue Ranger. Ludi Lin is Zack the Black Ranger. Becky G. is Trini the Yellow Ranger.

Cast with their armor

This five are the kids that we talked about earlier who came across the coins of Power Rangers and were chosen by the coin. We also have Zordon the Red Ranger from history buried inside the walls of their old ship. He being the Read Ranger was the leader of that team and he was the one who buried the coins of his previous team deep inside the earth. Voice of Zordon is given by the most famous artist Bryan Cranston.

Some dino vehicles of Rangers

Power Rangers also have a set of dino vehicles for themselves individually. Now, this vehicels are the ones that give a big surprise at the end of the movie to the audience and it was pretty good.


As the name suggests and all the little hype that is around for the movie it is of action genre. People loving those type of movies in which different weapons and advance type of moves are used will surely love this one. It surely isn’t a type of romantic movie. But for those who knew Power Rangers from their childhood should go and watch this movie too. It is all predictable if you’ve previously watched Power Rangers in action but still the feeling we get while watching this movie is also precious. It just reminds us little of our childhood. Definitely acting by all characters was beautiful and screenplay was also nice with superb direction. I just loved seeing some of the shots that were taken beside that it is all just fine.

But if you are finding for a weekend getaway then this for sure is not the best choice you are having. Just go some place new around the town rather than going for this one cause as I already said it is all childish stuff and wouldn’t matter at all. Above all this was just the introduction part to Power Rangers so expecting much from it is all in a crime itself. We already know they will be becoming and defeating the villian in this one. What matters is what will be happening after they become Power Rangers so lets just wait for the next one then.

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Power Rangers (2017) : Movie Review

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