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Finally there’s going to be a movie on Power Rangers. This is that one show which every child used to see, born in 90s and misses a lot. But I believe if that same child who probably is a grown up by now would see that show now than will think that the show definitely doesn’t make any sense.


Finally trailer of this movie was released a couple of days back and am for sure people are already excited for the movie just by the name of it. But wait a minute, will this movie be really that worthy to watch ? Well, that’s where wee come in handy. Now first of all the trailer is freaking awesome. Ofcourse it’s going to be a sci-fi based category. And yeah by the looks of the trailer we wouldn’t be able to see that much of an action as we already have seen in the show. But yes over that point there’s no fault of the director or story writer as this on is going to be just the Introduction of the Power Rangers over the whole different Level.

This movie trailer looks pretty neat. You would for sure get the slightest of idea of what is going to happen. At the beginning of the trailer we see some children who attend school or maybe high school. And then we see that those children are definitely not happy of being there and so they wander around the place in search of some fan where they meet there some other girl who also is from the same school. Now at that place they find something weird and surely not from our planet type object which unknowingly gave them some sort of power.  There’s definitely a lot to talk about this trailer but first lets discuss some points.

Power Rangers Logo

Show Logo
Logos of all show.

Now as some of you might recognise the above image shows all the logos of the Power Rangers show having different season titles. There’s one important point to notice here that the logo we had in our good old shows had that thunderbolt with a little curve and flat on top. Notice any difference with the movie’s logo ?

Movie Logo
Movie Logo

Yes, the logo used here is a complete straight thunder bolt. So, there’s probably a good reason behind that cause as we all can see that the logo itself says SABAN’S Power Rangers and ofcourse they can’t use the old logo as it should have been held with rights. I sincerely noted this point because fans of the famous DC Superhero The Flash would get a slight disappointed because when you create a mirror image of this logo you definitely would get the logo of The Flash.



Their Suit
Their Suit.

As we saw in the trailer we were eager to watch what suit design would have been given to them but unfortunately we were just shown a little glimpse of the suit of red power ranger. But after the release of the trailer in just couple of days the above image was released which shows their suits which look damn freaking awesome.


Slowly they started to feel the changes in their body and it was their joint effort that made them realise that they have become something else by coming in contact with that out of world object. We are shown some glimpse of those powers where they jump across a big hill and maybe that power can be named super jump. We also got a glimpse were they were underwater but standing on the bottom and were very comfortable from which we can assume that they can breath underwater.

Coming back to the trailer we think that they were given the power of being power rangers because of some stone which chose them as a team. But as it is a saying with “great power comes great responsibility” a villain was shown and as is believed that she goes by the name “The Huntress” and yes they did show us saying that she has hunt Power Rangers before. We weren’t given much scenes of villain but according to us it is going to be a tough fight between Power Rangers and Her. It Would be fun to watch this movie as the trailer shows a little humour too and they getting friendly with their powers is the best part of the movie trailer. So you think you wanna go for this movie ? Do let us know in the comments and stay tuned for complete movie review upon its release.

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Power Rangers 2017 : Trailer Review

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