Raees (2017) : Movie Review

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SRK as Raees

Raees was released on 25th Jan, 2017. This movie is had a lot of hype generated because of Shah Rukh Khan having a complete bad-ass look in the movie. It was set to release early but due to some issues it got delayed and fans had to wait a little more to watch Mr. Khan in action.

The Plot

Many of you who have watched the trailer would already figure out that the movie has something to do with alcohol smuggling or lets say business of alcohol. Well, yeah the movie’s story is completely based on a person named Raees played by Shah Rukh Khan who sells or more often smuggles alcohol in Gujarat. Now this was not predicted. It is having things related to Gujarat.

Raees is considered to be that only person who is fearless and doesn’t consider selling alcohol in Gujarat as a crime. His character is like a Gujarati Robin Hood who sells alcohol and helps poor and by poor I mean people of only his area. Well, it doesn’t work like that though. Duh.

I wouldn’t be talking much about the story here else it wouldn’t be much fun for you to watch in theatre.

Movie Review

Now lets first start by characters. Shah Rukh Khan is playing the role of Raees who indeed is a gangster type person. He played this role very nicely in the movie. Fans of SRK would surely love to watch this movie. All of his stuff, his body, his dialogues, etc. were executed perfectly and it just feels very good hearing that strong voice of SRK saying some Bollywood dialogue that gives you some chills.

SRK raees
Shah Rukh Khan in and as Raees.

Just look at him in the image above. Looks pretty bad-ass doesn’t he ? His dialogue delivery and acting skills are too good in the movie. And let me tell you, that you will definitely fall in love with intro of SRK in the movie.

Now, to say more about movie it actually isn’t that good as expected. This maybe because they have included some Bollywood sort of drama a lot and once you sit to watch the movie it completely becomes predictable. A lot of things like showing a little bit of romance and Raees being so strong and supportive still being alone and weak at sometime weren’t executed that finely. Direction is not that good but some shots that include the Videography skills are very good.

More importantly Raees being a gangster person must have some fights. No doubt that SRK is good at acting skills for a fight but in this movie it doesn’t just feels right. All the stunts and tricks including the graphics that were shown are clearly visible if you observe carefully. For detail like there’s a scene in which Raees jumps from the top of a building for a fight but if you look closely and with some concentration you will easily be able to see that he was just hanging with a thread around his back and maybe it was visible because of the type of clothes he was wearing. Graphics on the other side aren’t that good. Like even simplest things like bullets firing will make you go ” Shit Man, what is this? “.

Well, it isn’t that bad if you watch it from the point of view of its Storyline. It is damn good. The story of the movie and the tricks that Raees uses are very nice and interesting. People always love some illegal things happening around in the movie but wait this movie is completely based on that illegal thing of selling alcohol in Gujarat so just imagine what thrill would it be to watch about how alcohol is brought and sold in Gujarat. But there’a a bad side to this story and execution too and that is none other than Ms. Mahira Khan. Mahira Khan is playing the role of being the girlfriend of Raees in the movie. Now, I completely didn’t understand the point in involving her in the story of Raees at all. She like was used only to extend the length of the movie. But rest she also did a pretty good job at her role. Its just that the movie would be just fine if she was replaced with a bunch of friends of Raees.

I finally got some sort of pattern like movies that include a girl, a gangster and some policeman following that gangster are quite uninteresting  to watch. It becomes a typical Bollywood movie if you include this 3 things in the movie. I, personally am a little disappointed by the movie. The above 3 things are the most common things that we see in every movie and that’s what made this movie a little less good.

Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan here is playing the role of being girlfriend of Raees. It is her debut in this movie for Bollywood. She has worked on some TV shows and movies previously too but all being Pakistani. Raees himself being a Pakistani makes sense in casting a Pakistani woman, Right? Well, I don’t think so though. Mahira did a fabulous job on the role and she also is very pretty but trust be her being with SRK just doesn’t seem right. I think if someone else who already is very famous would have played her role than it would be very good. But apparently the director thought that as the movie is being placed in a Muslim area, it would be good to cast a Pakistani actress and thus she was casted. It can’t be said that she did pretty good but still we feel that something’s still missing even with her being there.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Raees Cop
Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Raees.

Lately Nawazuddin Siddiqui is being the hot favourite for his acting. Yes, it continues in this movie too. He is playing the role of the cop who gets an obsession in catching Raees, also as I said did a pretty good job at playing the role and is funny at sometimes also a little serious for the other time. It would be good that wee discuss less about him as it would be more fun in watching him playing this role also the less you know about him right now the less the movie gets predicted from your side.


The story of the movie is very good and it surely is full of entertainment but still its direction is a little poor. Some of the shots of Raees having that gangster looks are very well shot but that on the other are side are all because of SRK having such interesting looks. As I said before A girl, a gangster and a cop following that gangster doesn’t make much of a movie. This movie is a typical Bollywood type movie which includes its drama and fighting of Bollywood style too. This movie didn’t match the expectations of the viewers though. People are already bored from watching that old Bollywood drama. This movie is to be watched only for SRK and the story as it is very good. You surely wouldn’t feel bored. Only a one-time watch though. And it also is quite predictable. People loving action films and illegal business would definitely love this one. Do Read the full review if you’re still confused about going for this one.

Have a happy and fantastic weekend. Happy Republic Day.

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Raees (2017) : Movie Review

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