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Starting with a little about the movie, Sarkar 3 is a movie related to the world of politics. There are 2 more parts also available for this film. Amitabh Bachchan is named as The Sarkar as in the one who governs the entire city. This movie is directed by Ram Gopal Verma and was released on 12th, May 2017.


Basically, as I previously said that it completely related to politics and so were the previous parts of this movie. But this part of the sequence does not meet our expectations as the previous ones did. The Grand Child of Sarkar returns to his own town to live with his GrandFather and also to get inside the world of politics with a little of Sarkar. But it doesn’t turn as easy as it would be for him too and it is there when the movie takes a big twist.

Manoj Bajpayee as Govind Deshpande

As we or some of us has already watched the previous parts of this movie would know to what extent can Sarkar go to get justice for his town. He has more power than anyone currently in the city and also that is because as it is shown in the beginning of the movie that “Power does not come out of fear, but it comes out of love and respect”.

The beginning of the movie can surely be said as the highlight of the movie because everything else would be too bad to even be in that movie.


It is the first time that I am going to say about the direction of a movie. Every other movie that even we all have seen in this modern era are directed very nicely with some superb awesome shots but am afraid that I can’t say the same for this movie. The direction is very poor and also it doesn’t make it interesting enough to let us not go to sleep while watching it. Practically it would be fine that you close your eyes and just listen to the voice of the characters and imagine the scene in your mind. Even that would be better for sure.

For some technical shots, let’s say there are this classic shots that movie directors use such as Focus-in-out and also similar to it another one that is Zoom-in-out shots. We watch this type of shots every time generally in a movie and also they were present in this one. But the shots that I am talking about in this one were taken pretty drastically. They never matter. Sometimes they would also focus on some stupid object and yes I know that is a pretty good technique to let the audience imagine the naturality of the scene themselves the object that is being focused should be a pleasant one and not something that they have shown. I personally found that very irritating.

For a person with a keen eye for details, will surely detect the movement of the camera too even in some shots which am sure weren’t a part of the direction and is a mistake that they must have overlooked.

Sound Effects

Apart from the direction, there is also a good technique to make the audience feel the heaviness and role of a character in the movie and that are SOUND EFFECTS. This movie has a lot of sound effects and they also were present in the previous parts of it. They all are similar to previous one. In this movie, though the timing of those Sound Effects are pretty accurate and it becomes fun to watch. Because of this Effects, we get to know how important or even how powerful the character in the movie is.

You might not recognize for whom the sounds are being made if you haven’t watched the previous parts but eventually, as you sit tight you would come to know that too. Trust me these effects are everything in the movie and it was really funny sometimes but the seriousness of the movie balances that.


It is all politics. People who love politics will surely find it entertaining and also very much predictable but the ones which are not much into politics which makes most us would find this movie a lot serious. There is not even a single scene in the movie which can make us laugh apart some stupid comments being passed in the theater by some teenagers.

The story goes like that the grandchild of Sarkar returns to his home to help Sarkar. He then gains the trust of Sarkar and Sarkar also start trusting him. But later some incidents take place which put that grandchild in the harm’s way. Now certainly it is politics so they had to show us some deaths. Now, who dies and who suffers for it is to be watched by you. as if I even tell half of the story then you surely will be able to predict the biggest plot twist in the movie which also comes at the last 10 minutes of it.

This twist will surely bring a smile on your face and at last, you will be satisfied that at least you got something out if this movie. Rest apart it is not at all entertaining. So if you are seeking for some entertainment this weekend I would suggest you do something else.


Amitabh Bachchan as Sarkar

Amitabh Bachchan is The Sarkar in the movie. Sarkar can be considered as an organization which works for development and also for justice in the city. The person who runs it is titled, Sarkar. Amitabh Bachchan is the perfect person to play this role. There are a lot of dialogues delivered by him in the movie and as it comes out of his mouth by which I mean that they are delivered in that strong voice of him they are pretty good. The frequency of those are dialogues are a lot. It is like some other person at other place says a dialogue and Sarkar who is at any different place shows a dialogue opposite to the one said by the different person. They never make sense.

Amit Sadh as Shivaji

Amit Sadh is the grandchild that I’ve been talking about. His name in the movie is Shivaji. He did a pretty decent job as an actor in this movie but here, his dialogues were not well delivered. The writer is to be blamed for some of those idiotic dialogues else as an actor he did a good job.

Yami Gautam’s intense look in Sarkar

Yami Gautam is also a part of this film. She plays the role of being a girlfriend of Shivaji and also she is the daughter of a dead father who was killed by Sarkar. You might think that she plays a very important role in the movie but that is completely false. She wasn’t a necessary in the movie. But as they have included her, the character she plays does bring a spark in movie’s story.


Apart from the direction which is very bad, this movie is an average kind of movie. It is not that interesting and also not that boring to watch. But surely if you like politics you can watch this one but if you hate politics then don’t even get near to the name of this movie. This movie is not much of an even entertaining type. The flow is very slow and all those dialogues just make it slower.

Most importantly if you sleep in between for even 10 minutes in the movie you will lose track of the movie. You wouldn’t understand what is happening around. This is because its way to serious and everything they have shown is used later in the movie and is all like a plan being delivered to us.



So, That’s all folks. Have a happy weekend and thank you for your support. Do comment in the section below about how you think the movie is if you have already watched.


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Sarkar 3 : Movie Review

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