Top 17 Reasons why School Life is the Best

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Reasons why School Life is the Best

1.You will make new friends.

But I will always treasure my childhood pals. And if you did go to the same school all your life, you’ve probably known your friends for the longest time ever! No doubt you will make new friends in college, but nothing in the world will be able to replace that childhood bond & friendship.


2. No Worries

Well, there were less important and fewer worries really during school days. In college you will have to worry about your grades, bills, money and being on your own.

3. Size Of Class & Knowing everyone

You will miss smaller classrooms with around thirty-forty students where everyone knows each other rather than a class of around hundred who don’t even know each other. It’s nice to walk down the halls with familiar faces and to be able to say hi! to nearly everyone you see. That’s not something so easily done at a big university.
You know everyone in school.

Reasons why School Life is the Best

4. School Teachers

No matter how much you make fun of your teachers and not liking them over the smallest things, but you will miss them once you enter the college life. Unlike college teachers, school teachers always help you with everything no matter what. School teachers are the ones who actually care and worry about you.

5. Memories

I’m going to miss the history & chemistry I share with my classmates. All the memories and moments we’ve shared over the years will never be erased, but I will miss being able to see them on regular basis. In school, everybody knew everybody. It won’t be the same in college. Chances are, most of you went to one school all your life. You’re going to miss the sense of belonging and ownership that your school gave you.


6. Lunch box

We all have enjoyed that moment in which there will be many hands in one lunch box and the whole food will get finished after one gulp by everyone… The one who carries the lunch box will not even get single gulp and he/she will be the most wild person to attack on the second lunch box. Fighting for the last bite when any of your friends get an interesting dish will definitely be missed.


7. Finishing the lunch box during classes

We all have that group or we know such group who will silently finish the lunch box, either his own or his friend’s even before the lunch break.


8. Celebrating birthdays in schools

Celebrating birthdays will never be the same once you’re out of school. In primary school, your birthday was the day you got to dress up in your best casuals while the whole school wore the uniform. The whole school knew it was your birthday. You were a star! And not to miss the privilege of missing classes just to distribute chocolates in the whole school!


9. School Uniform

The boys wore it as low on the waist as possible and girls folded up their hems exposing their legs, just to make themselves look cooler! Modifying uniforms and getting punished for it later, hating the uniform and later fighting with friends from other schools over whose uniform was better. Also, where else do you get to wear blazers & tie in winters.


10. That first proposal <3

That first crush, the first love you had was in school. 70% of the dreams will be in their hearts coz they won’t dare to propose their crush. The blush.. The motivational cheering of friends & long discussions you had about your crush with your friends I am sure we all have enjoyed that moment.


11. Annual Day

It is the one day for which students and teachers come together to prepare acts, songs, dance etc. Every student waits for this so that he/she can take part in it. Moreover, you get a chance to bunk your classes and get to spend some fun time with your friends where even your teachers can’t say anything to you.


12. P.T. Period

You wait for you P.T. periods so that you can play different games with your friends. You even try to get a P.T. period if one of your teachers gets absent. You will surely miss this when you go to college.


13. Identity

You were something in school. Everybody was something in school. People knew you for your achievements, for the time you were expelled for carrying out a fight outside school, for being the best sportsman, for being the most popular guy in school. College is a big world where you’d be left alone to fend for yourself.

Reasons why School Life is the Best

14. Morning Assembly

We know you always thought the assemblies were torturous. But guess what? From trying your best to not get caught by the discipline committee for wearing the wrong socks to talking to your pals in the adjacent line to faking illness just to escape from the scorching sun I bet you’re going to miss it all.


15. Bunking School

Bunking college is not as much fun as bunking school. No one gives a damn if you attend college or not but bunking school is a big deal. There are so many rules and regulations and if you get caught bunking school, you may get suspend or your parents would be called. You always have a scary feeling about what would happen with if you get caught and that feeling of thrill gives you a kick.

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16. Breaking Rules & Regulations

Breaking rules and regulations are not so much fun in college as they are in school. Sneaking in your phones when they are strictly prohibited, bursting crackers in the toilets or in the ground when no one is around are all so much fun you will miss when you enter college life.


17. Tutions

Going to tuition after coming from school means getting extra time to spend with your friends. Studying with your friends and discussing the problems is actually fun. You had the time of your life! Who studied anyway? 😛
School life is the best part of your life and no matter what you so, you definitely miss it. You should enjoy every moment of your school because this time will never come back in your life.

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Top 17 Reasons why School Life is the Best

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